ICY DOCK Accessory MB014SP-B flexiDOCK Tray-less 4 x 2.5" SATA/SAS SSD/HDD Hot-Swap Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 253746
Vendor: Cremax (ICY DOCK)
UPC: 884826508540
The flexiDOCK MB014SP-B is the All-new Quad Bay 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD/SSD Trayless Enclosure, with an improved drive ejection process and redesigned power buttons. This enclosure simplifies the process of managing drives by bringing the drives to the frontal 5.25" optical drive bay of the computer system. Using absolutely no drive trays allows inserting and removing bare drives a more efficient process, especially for media and data management professionals or those who require frequent drive swaps.
Bare Drive Installation/Removal with Hot-Swap Support
This unique hard drive docking style removable enclosure allows users to swap out drives quickly and easily without the hassle of drive trays/caddies. Media professionals or computer lab technicians can use this feature to gain access to their media/data, especially when dealing with an endless number of drives. Gamers with their ever-expanding amount of games to store can add additional storage to their system without opening the computer up. System builders managing multiple operating systems can enhance their drives security with more direct physical control of power to the drives. Options in managing drives allow users to use the drives as they see fit.
Enhanced Individual Drive Power Buttons
The four drive bays feature a solid individual power button to allow each drive to shut off to manage the drives operating status instantly. Pairing with the enhanced and refined power buttons enables ease of usage across various applications such as multi-OS booting, loading authorized data. Shut off the drive when not using it to prevent a hacker/virus attack and reduce power and drive usage.
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