Trifo Robot m6_BK_US Ironpie m6 robot vacuum with remote monitoring Black Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 229862
Vendor: Trifo
UPC: 850009353016
EAN: 6972070860058
Advanced Intelligent Robotics Vision System TIRVS
TIRVS (Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System) is a combination of proprietary innovative algorithms, highly optimized software, and scalable reliable hardware. TIRVS provides both high performance and cost efficiency on sensing, perception, and decision, 3 core pillars of a robotics system.
A Powerful, Efficient, and Flexible Brain
With the worlds smallest, lowest power, and most efficient ARMv8-A quad core chip inside, combined with the proprietary TIRVS, Ironpie enables a new level of smartness.
Accurate Real-time Position Tracking
Equipped with a suite of sensors specially designed and calibrated for estimating the robot pose (position and orientation), Ironpie always knows where it has been and where it is in your home.
Deep Environmental Learning
Based on the accurate self-tracking, Ironpie constantly learns your home and improves its understanding by building and updating a reliable 3D map, all locally and securely.
Smart Visual Navigation
With the patented fast and accurate simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system, Ironpie navigates your home in a unique smart way that it not only designs the best cleaning route and it also moves exactly how a smart robot should.
Convenient and Secure Home Surveillance
Ironpie is your mobile home guard with a suite of secure and convenient surveillance utilities. You can check in 24/7 from your smartphone to catch every moment without the need of setting up multiple static security cameras. Designate the patrol route and time you prefer, and let Ironpie figure out all by itself and help keep your home safe.
Each Charging Period
about 300 minutes