Gigabyte Server R151-Z30 1U 4Bay AMD EPYC 7000 series Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 214463
Vendor: Gigabyte
MPN: R151-Z30
UPC: 889523011409
The New x86 Option
AMD’s return to the CPU segment delivers a whole new value proposition to the x86 world. Built on GIGABYTE’s extensive design expertise across a range of chipset platforms, this AMD EPYC™ platform is already receiving acclaim for its high specification:
• Memory
• I/O
• Network connectivity
This platform is intended as an alternative for builders in the x86 space and packs a real punch in flexibility and expansion options.

• Memory Optimization
Memory speed of up to 2666MHz (at 1DPC)
Total memory capacity of 2TB supported
• PCIe Lanes
Up to 128 lanes in both 1P and 2P offerings providing the highest expandability options of any x86 platform
• Cores / Power
CPU power is managed at the core level, meaning that power is allocated only for specific workload needs
• Security
Proprietary AMD security on chip

Comprehensive I/O
Both single- and dual-socket CPUs come equipped with 128x PCIe lanes, providing extensive I/O options. This is a huge improvement in I/O vs. incumbent x86 offerings.
Increased I/O allows for flexibility in extending your storage, networking or compute to a level previously unattainable with standard server motherboards.
In addition, the integrated nature of the processor – designed as a system-on-chip (SoC) - means that there is no need for a separate PCH and less additional switches needed for expansion lanes.
AMD EPYCTM 7000 series processor family
Single processor, 14nm, Socket SP3
Up to 32-core, 64 threads
TDP up to 180W