GoVision Wearable Device GV-APOLLO1440-WG 1080P Water Resistant - Warm Grey Retail
Status: Available
SKU: 195429
Vendor: GoVision
UPC: 040232313738
A simple yet refined and stylish way to capture life’s greatest moments. With Apollo, you have chosen a pair of recording sunglasses that contain some of the most advanced technology features yet built into eyewear.

The Apollo Waterproof Video Recording HD Sunglasses 1080p from GoVision let you capture your adventures from your own point-of-view. By placing a Full HD 1080p HD camera between the polarized lenses of the sunglasses, you are able to record hands-free video, ideal for any on-the-move activities. In addition to this high quality resolution, this gizmo is waterproof, making you able to record your moments in and on water: fishing, sailing, diving, or any fun family get together in the pool.

The Apollo Water Resistant Video Recording HD Sunglasses 1080p are designed with sophistication, simplicity, and convenience—stylishly designed to free your hands and your mind, giving you unrivalled video quality with incredible ease. See the following features below:
• Water Resistant and Dust proof
• 1080P HD Video Resolution
• Interchange Polarized/UV 400 lense
• 8GB Internal Micro SD (TF Card)
• 480mAh Hig-capacity lithium polymer
• Glasses can be exposed to short submerging. Water conditions up to 3ft for 1min.
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