Image Product Description Status Price
133193 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB150000000 SB1500 Sound Blaster Z PCI Express Retail Available
142881 Creative Labs Audio Device 0SB157000000 Sound Blaster Audigy Fx 24B 192kHz 5.1 Sound Retail Available
148876 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB155000001 Sound Blaster Audigy Rx PCI-Express Retail Available
156631 Creative Sound Card 30SB157000001 Sound Blaster Audigy FX Brown Box Available
165444 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB159000001-CA Sound Blaster E5 Retail Available
169392 Startech Sound Card PEXSOUND7CH 7.1 Channel Sound Card PCI Express 24-bit 192KHz Retail Available
177681 Asus Sound Card STRIX RAID DLX 8 Channel 124dB with audiophile-grade DAC Retail Available
177682 Asus Sound Card STRIX RAID PRO 8 Channel 116dB with audiophile-grade DAC Retail Available
177683 Asus Sound Card STRIX SOAR 8 Channel PCI Express 116dB with audiophile-grade DAC Retail Available
186059 SYBA Sound Card SI-PEX63096 6-Channel DAC for AC3 5.1 Channels 4PIN connector Retail Available
189523 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB171000000-CA Sound BlasterX G1 USB Audio Retail Available
203238 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB174000000 SB1740 SOUND BLASTERX AE-5 WW Black Retail Current
209752 Asus Sound Card Xonar AE 192kHz/24-bit Hi-Res with 110dB SNR PCI Express Gaming Audio Card with Exclusive EMI Back Plate Retail Available
221155 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB177000000 SOUND BLASTERX G6 Grey Retail Available
221759 Asus Sound Card XONAR SE 192kHz 24-bit hi-res with 116dB SNR PCI-Express Gaming Retail Available
225880 EVGA Sound Card 712-P1-AN01-KR XMOS xCORE-200 PCIe Audio Card 123dB/121dB SATA Retail Available
236103 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB181000000 SOUND BLASTER X-3 (BLACK) Retail Available
240547 EVGA Sound Card 712-P1-AN21-KR NU Audio Pro 7.1 7.1 Surround Lifelike Audio PCI Express Retail Available
240548 EVGA Sound Card 712-P1-AN11-KR NU Audio Pro Card Stereo Lifelike Audio PCI Express RGB LED Retail Available
240549 EVGA Sound Card 712-P1-AN10-KR NU Audio Pro Surround Card 5.1 Surround Lifelike Audio Retail Available
240837 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB183000000 Sound Blaster G3 Black Retail Available
243688 Creative Labs Sound Card 70SB174000003 SOUND BLASTERX AE-5 PLUS Black Retail Available
251496 Creative Labs 70SB15000000470 SB1500 SOUND BLASTER Z SE Retail Available